Welcome to the Edelweiss web site, we are glad you are here.  Edelweiss is a software company that is dedicated to the ideal of simplicity and affordability.  Our motto is "Out of Complexity Comes Simplicity" and that is a motto we endeavor to apply in our work.  Software should be easy to use.  We think its a shame that people have to use miserable software for eight hours a day, and our goal is to change that.

 Too often people are forced to over-pay for features they don't want.  Or they are using ugly, and buggy software.   The team at Edelweiss is driven to deliver software that people truly enjoy using because it makes them more productive without breaking the bank.  Running a business is hard, and so are keeping down expenses.  That is why we focus on making affordable software solutions.  



In todays crowded dental office management software market, users have many choices, and too few.  Edelweiss is proud to present eDentalManager™, a revolutionary approach to manage your dental office.  With a wide variety of options, that you choose, and with flexible pricing, you can be assured you are only paying for software features that you want and need.

We are often asked why we decided to enter the dental office software industry when there are so many competitors.  The honest truth is that we think we can do better, and we think dental clinics deserve a better choice.   eDentalManager was conceived on the premise that dental offices should not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars for features they don't need or use.  eDentalManager™ was developed in close collaboration with dentists and their staff.   In fact, we even have a dentist on staff so that all our work meets her criteria for effective and needed functionality.



eDentalManager™ is modular, you only pay for the features you want to use.  Your subscription comes with a base set of functionality for one low price.  As your practice needs grow, you can add functionality that you need. Our updates and help are free.


Included Additional
Subdomain Website Customer domain website
Patient Management Insurance Claims
Employee Management Mobile
Appointments by Calendar Electronic Appointment Reminders
Appointments by Operator Advanced Scheduling
Custom Medical Questions Advanced Imaging
Easy Office Configuration  Advanced Reporting
  Treatment Plans

Meet Our Team

There are a lot of great software companies out there.  We know, we used to work at some of them.  It's a known fact in software development, that the bigger the company the less agile they become.  Internal politics, bureaucracies, and lack of vision can severely slow down or make a company seem less innovative.  At Edelweiss, we are not trying to be the biggest or richest company out there.  We only answer to our customers, not stockholders. 

As a company founded by software professionals, we love to create solutions that our customers love.  We take pride in our work and think you will appreciate the difference that makes in the quality and innovation we deliver in our products.  The team at Edelweiss was hand picked for their dedication and skills.  With extensive experience, we swarm on a problem and are not happy until our customer is happy.  It's a known fact that many times, we do not charge for our work, until the customer is happy with the product.

David Clark

David Clark

CEO, President, Founder

David Clark was born and raised in Oklahoma, where he learned the value of hard work and earning your pay.  He went to school at Southwestern College on football and track scholarships, where he was one of the first computer science graduates.

It was during college that he met his future wife, Dr. Amanda Clark.  They eventually ended up in Denver, where they married and started their careers. Despite spending time exploring the beautiful Colorado outdoors, his passion for delivering quality software guided to pursue his software craft.  He spends time helping schools and churches with their website presence, and serves on several technical advisory committees.

The desire to deliver quality software has compelled David to spend considerable time researching dental office software for Dr. Amanda Clark, coming to the conclusion that someone could do it better.  Years of experience in the health care, travel, and financial industries taught him the importance of quality, user input on design, and scalability.

eDentalManager is a culmination of 20 years of experience, consisting of best practices in security, modularity, HIPAA, and usability.  The design will allow for rapid changes and scalability.

Amanda Tran, DDS

Amanda Tran, DDS

Dental Advisor

Dr. Amanda Dao was born in Vietnam and came to this country with her family as a small child.  Her family settled in Augusta, Kansas where she attended school.  After studying biology at Southwestern College, she forgo the last year of undergraduate school so she could start dental school at University of Missouri, Kansas City.

After graduation in 1995, Dr. Amanda Dao moved to Denver, Colorado where she worked for Tran Dental.  Focusing on family and general dentistry, she eventually bought the practice and has been modernizing it. 

It was during this time that she was exposed to challenges of integrating dental software into their practice.   Working with  her husband, David Clark, they realized that the existing dental software was either too expensive, or two cumbersome.   Together they have identified features that are truly needed, and how to price them so that other practices can afford them.


Starr Leva, DDS

Starr Leva, DDS

Dental Advisor

Dr. Leva was born in 1959 and raised in Houston, Texas. Most of his youth was spent with a strong emphasis in music.  In his youth, he traveled to Brazil where he auditioned and was awarded the position of Bass Trombone with the Orchestra Symphonica De Estato De Sao Paolo. Sao Paolo Brazil. After due consideration, Dr. Leva decided to change careers and began to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in a biology. This was only a precursor as Dental School was his real objective.

In 1988 he received the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery from The University of Texas Dental Branch. He subsequently moved to Denver Colorado to pursue his passion for outdoor activities, Including, fishing, camping, hiking and skiing.  After working for other dental clinics, he opened his own Family and General Dentistry practice in 1993, where he focuses on cosmetic dental procedures.

"I began to consult with Mr. Clark of eDentalManager a couple of years ago. He approached me about things that are important to a small dental office as well as a large corporate structure.  As we discussed the existing dental office software packages, one thing became obvious; not all offices use the programs they subscribe to in full capacity. In other words, there are large portions of the programs that don't apply to every dental office. There are individual choices dentists and their office managers make, because the software doesn't provide what they need, or because they don't want to do it that way so they just ignore that part of the software. Yet the overhead still has to pay for the full program. What if we were able to design a program that would allow dentists to choose sections that they want... to customize the program and only pay for the parts they need or want to use. We both felt there was a need for this type of software.  Working with Mr. Clark at eDM has been both exciting and educational. Writing a computer program is way beyond me , but it has been exciting to see ideas turn into software that has a practical nature and user friendly."

About Us


Edelweiss was founded on the principle that quality software should be affordable for all.  We are passionate about making a product that our customers love to use.  As a smaller company that works closely with dentists, we understand the pressures that running a successful practice bring.  You have our pledge that we will never take your business for granted, and that we will work hard every day to earn your respect and business.