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Welcome to the first blog posting for Edelweiss. We are happy you stopped by for some informal and hopefully thought-provoking topics. It is our hope to use this platform to both express our thoughts, and to get feedback from you. We hope you find this blog entertaining and share it with your friends and colleagues If you have a topic you would like us to discuss, please use the Contact Us page to let us know.

So why a blog now?

Currently everyone wants to use tweets and social media posts to get their message across.  And that's fine for some topics;  we will include our blog posts on those platforms.  But how much can you really convey in 140 characters?  The reason for the blog so that we can inform people about the good work we are doing.   Sometimes these topics will be brief, like this initial blog.  Other times they will be more involved as the topic complexity demands. 

Want to know more about Edelweiss? Let's start with our branding...

Some of you may know Edelweiss from the movie, "The Sound of Music".  Others may know that the Edelweiss flower is legendary in Europe for its beauty and endurance at high altitude of the Alps.  We are a Denver, Colorado based company that specializes in beautiful and reslilent software.  We did not choose a trendy logo and unpronouncable name because that is not who we are.  Our team is truly focused on delivering quality software that help our customers succeed.  To us, what is important, is making our customers productive by giving them the affordable tools to get their work done.

Who are we?

Edelweiss consists of a dedicated team of engineers, dentists, and visionaries.  With over 80 years of industry experience, we are dedicated to our craft. We are passionate about making a product that our customers love to use.  As a smaller company that works closely with dentists, we understand the pressures that running a successful practice bring.  You have our pledge that we will never take your business for granted, and that we will work hard every day to earn your respect and business.